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Of his opportunities NBA 2K18 MT One play that's a lot less glamorous is the bank shot which Porzingis has used effectively Popovich says it's a lost art because it's not cool But maybe Porzingis will be the player to bring it back to prominenceNorris adds that Porzingis had never attempted a bank shot in a game before they met because he was raised

to think it was something he'd never have to use But Norris told him he'd start using it often It's an easy shot for a footer and that's why we practiced the faceup bank shots and turnaround jumpers or transition shots kissing it off the glassNorris says that his teaching style tends to lean on repetition They spent hours in the gym

together working endlessly on the same moves that he now uses today in the Norris jokes that when he first met Porzingis he told him He'd get bored doing the same thing over and over againBut Porzingis never got bored and kept working relentlessly which Norris believes stems from his family who always pushed him to succeed

while keeping him grounded as he kept getting Cheap NBA 2K18 MT better Norris adds that these are usually necessary ingredients to be a superstar especially in parison to some other young players who fall victim to distractions of the lifestyleOther rookies ing into the league should follow suit and build a support system like Kristaps has Norris says It

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