Sujet : Spain coach in the non-mainstream

Flores took over Benfica. Where he achieved good results, a third league win of the season and first in team history League Cup. But he made only temporarily stay in Benfica, Benfica end of the season he and friendship broke up fifa 16 coins.

October 2009, Flores came to the bigger platform - Atletico Madrid, Atletico Madrid offered him a one-year contract. Atletico this season, suffered the worst start since 2000, former coach in the Champions League after a 0-4 defeat to Chelsea after class. Atletico, Flores successfully activated state Fran poor season start, he and Reyes, Aguero jointly form a powerful attack. Although Atletico got only ninth in the league final, but scored the King's Cup and the European League final, in the European Union they beat Fulham 2-1 to win the King's Cup it lost to Sevilla. Flores of the European Cup is Atletico since fifa 16 android coins first European trophy, the Champions League and subsequently beat Inter Milan in the European Super Cup.

2010-11 season, Atletico performance is still not satisfactory. Fran increases with age, state and downs, his attitude was often rejected Flores. So Flores decisively stripped of his starting to rookie Diego Costa replaced, resulting in discord with Fran, but was still the Brazilian Diego Costa also replace Fran's first staged hat trick. This season Aguero is in his hands to become top scorer, currently Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea Flores men are one step from the third goalkeeper on the main lift. End of the season only to get the league Atletico seventh, while access to the European Cup qualification, but Flores at the end of the season still left Atletico.

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