18 clean and elegant wallpapers for your Passport

18 clean and elegant wallpapers for your Passport

The new BlackBerry Passport is now here : optimized for an amazing viewing and reading experience, keeping in mind that the new 10.3 OS version gets a clean Interface and flat design icons, it looks more cool if you add a clean and minimal wallpaper to it. So here are a collection of some nice wallpapers which are sized correctly (1440 x 1440) so they fit nicely. You can save them directly from your Passport (hold your finger on the image)

Français : comme vous l'aurez surement compris cet article regroupe 18 fonds d'écran pré-découpés au format du nouveau BlackBerry Passport (1440 x 1440). Ne nécessitant que peu d'explications et souhaitant en "faire profiter" le plus grand nombre d'utilisateurs, nous avons exceptionnellement décidé de l'écrire en anglais.

Of course, you can still use these wallpapers for all the BlackBerry 10 devices ! . The full package (.zip, 4,4Mb) is also available here : 18 Blackberry Passport wallpapers

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